Maintaining Your Artificial Turf

The particular of a lawn that will is perpetually green (at least for 8 yrs or so) has produced you want to set up an artificial grass grass. Artifical turf may price more initially to put together yet the beauty of this is in the lengthy run savings. The quantity of water needed to keep an artificial turf is certainly significantly lower than exactly what must be done whenever you care for the natural grass lawn. This particular translates to higher drinking water bill savings. An individual combat over whose transform this is to do the particular mowing as there is certainly non-e involved if a person have an artificial lawn turf. Your occasional existe fever sneezes and sniffles are things of the particular past too! Feel free of charge to romp around inside your artificial turf – make absolutely certain that it is thoroughly clean. This offers to the particular next question: how perform you conserve the cleanliness associated with your artificial turf?

The particular best advice I have got heard so far is certainly to treat your synthetic turf like your interior carpeting: vacuum it, clean it, clean it plus treat it. Your synthetic grass turf needs in order to be vacuumed to turn out to be rid of debris this kind of as leaves (especially in the event that the area surrounding your own artifical turf is filled up with trees), dirt plus soil. You may make use of a leaf blower designed for the leaves as properly as your regular previous vacuum cleaner for your various other rubbish. To move bigger objects, a rake is certainly recommended. Fluff up the particular plastic green fibers along with the use of the stiff bristled brush. Ensure that you sweep in varying instructions to achieve a organic look. Outside the home hose is your greatest ally in cleaning since well as maintaining your own artificial turf.

On times when the weather will get too hot, make certain to douse your synthetic grass turf with drinking water to reduce its heat range. Cleaning your turf through dust, dirt as well as other pollutants is also important. Should you have an animal (such since a dog) that is certainly running free inside your synthetic grass turf, regularly be upon the lookout for the organic wastes. Hard feces material should best end up being dried out beneath the sunlight for easier retrieval plus disposal. For loose feces however, try to obtain as much of this out of the artifical turf as soon since possible to avoid growing across a larger region. Spot treat with cleansers which are not dangerous to the environment, can not contain alcohol plus biodegradable. Low suds plus those that not polyurethane foam are best since this makes for easier cleaning with water.

Be reminded that when sudsy liquids are used to thoroughly clean the turf, there is certainly a high probability that will residue is going in order to be left behind that will will make your synthetic grass turf clump jointly. Provide extra treatment just for your grass turf simply by using fabric softeners in order to reduce static cling plus to enhance its look. Weeds are likely in order to grow throughout the edges associated with your artifical turf. Tugging them out utilizing your fingers is okay however just for a more permanent remedy use herbicides. If your own turf looks dirty plus feels slimy, then this may have developed conforms and fungi. You might have to utilize fungicides in order to deal with this issue. See? It’s easy in order to maintain your artificial grass. Now go out plus get your greens!


  1. dan pozzi

    Great vid, thank for your time

  2. Wayne Meador

    *Test Sharing My A Video Of Mine*

    Been having issues for months with Google blocking the sharing of my own YT
    videos… :-/ Let’s hope it works now! 🙂


  3. Gardening With Puppies

    Great tips, Wayne. I can particularly relate to putting plants out too
    soon. I do it all the time…just get overly enthusiastic I guess.
    Buckets…yep, can never have enough of them. Hubby’s always wanting to
    throw them out and I keep telling him they will come in handy. lol. Only a
    gardener would understand.

  4. Southpaw Davey

    +Wayne Meador Thumbs up man. Good tips. Dave ;-)

  5. Fuzzy Wuzzy Anipals

    Instead of mixing dirt in buckets, I have long flat containers (about 6"
    deep), so I can get a rake in and use it to mix.

    We also took one of these containers and drilled holes on the top sides,
    strung rope through, made a wood bar for the front and now I can easily
    pull my tub full of dirt around even if it is soaked in water…no more
    bent over dragging till I die. ;0

  6. Rainbow Gardens

    Gardening is a strange little thing and so unlike anything else I have
    learned. Most people have at least 2 seasons (spring and summer) and
    there is only a short window of opportunity for "hands on" learning.
    Personally, I find most gardening books and plant information boring, I
    have to get out there in the garden and "do it". The Square Foot Gardening
    book (the only book I refer to) has wonderful charts about what we can
    plant before the last frost date and when we can begin the seeds for summer
    crops, all of it is timed around the last frost date (which is different
    for all of us).
    Sometimes I score and sometimes I do not, but it keeps it fun. I just
    plant as many things as possible and hope the rabbits don’t eat them, that
    I don’t pull it out by accident, the bugs don’t eat it, etc. haha,
    sometimes I get to harvest it and enjoy what I have grown. :))

  7. CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY

    Hey Wayne – GREAT tips! I like your humbleness in this video – we’ve all
    made those mistakes too, but that’s how you learn and refine! I’m all about
    using what I have! I like to make it a game to see how little I can spend
    on the garden and still make it look beautiful! Things may not be done
    exactly "right" according to some standards – but who cares? I’m the one
    who has to live with it! 

  8. Neice McHan

    I’m a northern gardener… Michigan. Is it too early to start sweet potato
    slips in a jar to plant in May/June?

  9. Eric White

    I really like the part about remember to have fun.

  10. OneYardRevolution

    Great tips +Wayne Meador !

  11. RS Garden Care Services

    5 Spring Gardening Tips via BuzzSumo

  12. Rob Bob

    My name is RB & I have a bucket addiction :/ 😉

    Best way to learn is through your own & others "misguided attempts at
    success" Wayne 😉
    Cheers sir..

  13. boyinblue823

    Yea…. my beans have gotten out of control and I am no where near ready to
    put them outside.. the ground is still frozen in some areas…
    I think I started them all a little to early but Im not going to lie its
    been fun watching them grow and I was excited to get started.
    Live and learn

  14. paperweightgirl

    Wow, that’s a lot of great advice. Thanks Wayne.

  15. pickerick1

    Really good tips my friend. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing the tower in


  16. goforgreenliving

    I would call them mistakes I would say experiments that went bad, because
    if we called them mistakes around here I would be in trouble I’m always
    trying different thing believe it or not most work well some times.
    Today was a super blessed day wasn’t it Yahweh Rules! 

  17. Stephen Legaree

    +Wayne Meador I know your pain! I always get going so fast I end up with
    huge plants way to early… hence my Sunday Episode ;)

  18. Vegitate

    One word, "Buckets" That is so true, I have only 2 buckets and I used them
    for ladders 🙁 ,stools, trash, mixing, and storage. Buckets for gardening
    is a must. It is now on my check list for this year.

  19. Tonys Allotment

    great tips Wayne. you could add three zeros after the mistakes u have made
    for me i make thousands, well i find thousands of ways that don’t work
    anyway, everyday’s a learning day my friend :)

  20. CheapskateGardener

    thanks for the tips 

  21. FringeSniper

    Awesome tips, and just for those who want to start gardening, cucumbers and
    tomatoes give you the biggest yield because you can pick the vegetable as
    it ripens and the plant will produce more. Have fun.

  22. Dan Rogers

    Hey Wayne, one of my coworkers was telling me about the jiffy peat plugs
    growers. You know the plugs that expand in water. You then put your seed
    into them. I got a small jiffy green house planter for my patients at work.
    It has 10 spots with ten plugs. I got it because it was clean for the
    environment I work in. I planted new pumpkin seeds in there 4 germinated
    and are growing. The remainder got moldy and did nothing. Do you have any
    experience with these peat plugs planters? If so have you had this problem
    with them? I’m trying to figure out if it is the jiffy plugs or maybe bad
    seeds that I just bought.

  23. dafrogtoad

    Great vid..thanks for the tips!

  24. suburban sentinel

    Great stuff my brother!

  25. Leesville Aquaponics Homestead

    good video!!! Also that tower you made you might want to paint everything
    cause you will get algae build up fast…


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