The particular way the Sa eight thousand And Other Standards Are usually Shaking Up The Style Industry

Environmental, social plus ethical pressures on the particular global textiles and style sector emerged in European countries within the early eighties. The main driver has been consumer concern within the protection of the materials. However, in parallel with this particular trend, a minority team of ethical consumers required “chemical-free” and low environment impact clothing and style goods. This resulted within the European and later on the U. S. natural labeling system being prolonged to include criteria to get clothing and textiles, like organic cotton. As associated with 2007, the sector has been the fastest growing component of the global natural cotton industry with growth higher than 50% a yr. Regarding safety standards, the particular Oeko-Tex standard has turn out to be highly popular in the particular market. Although unknown in order to consumers, it tests to get chemicals such as fire retardants in clothes plus categorizes goods according in order to their likely contact along with humans (e. g. child clothes must adhere in order to the strictest standards to get chemicals). Thus the problem of chemicals in clothes has become largely among liability risk control for that industry with the customers obviously expecting products in order to pose no risk in order to their health. Organic plus eco fashion and fabrics attracts a far smaller sized, but fast growing team of consumers, largely within Western Europe and Seaside U. S.

Of significantly greater concern to the particular global fashion sector is usually the issue of employee welfare. The problem was outlined by pressure groups this kind of as
Global Exchange within the U. S. focusing on Levis and Nike and the like.
In the late eighties and early 1990s anecdotal evidence began emerging through labor activists in the particular U. S. and European countries concerning the supply stores and overseas factories associated with leading U. S. plus European multinationals. A crucial target was the planet’s leading maker of jeans jeans Levi Strauss, yet more significantly Nike, the particular world’s largest sports footwear marketing firm. Global Swap launched its Nike No- Sweatshop campaign, focusing upon the firms sourcing within China and Indonesia.

The good deal of discussions and stakeholder meetings brought to a generally recognized code of practice just for labor management in creating countries acceptable to the particular majority of parties included. The SA 8000 surfaced as the leading sector driven voluntary standard upon worker welfare issues. SOCIAL FEAR 8000 supporters now consist of the GAP, TNT and the like and SAI reports that will as of 2008, nearly 1 million workers within 1, 700 facilities have got achieved SA 8000 qualification. The Fair Trade motion has additionally had the significant impact on the particular style business. The regular combines several ethical problems of potential concern in order to consumers – environmental elements, fair remedying of creating country suppliers and employee welfare. The Fair Business label has show forceful growth.

Albeit on the particular very small scale plus not always at the particular top end of the particular fashion industry, many niche market brands have emerged which usually promote themselves primarily upon sustainability grounds. People Forest in the united empire states that it “creates Fair Trade and natural clothing and accessories simply by forming lasting partnerships along with Fair Trade, organic makers in developing countries. Top fashion journal Marie Claire ranked its “top 10” eco brands in the recent issue. The essential issues remain chemicals within clothing (certified by natural and Fair Trade labels), worker treatment (certified simply by SA 8000 and Reasonable Trade) and increasingly popular environmental issues for example environment change. The world’s biggest fashion brand Lv lately acquired a small environmentally friendly fashion label. It is certainly clear, however, from the particular example of Nike plus Levis, that certain problems are here to remain, such as a requirement by Western consumers that will leading brands manage the particular issue of worker well being in their supply string properly.


  1. dakotabob10

    Hi Kim, I have been gone and I am playing catch up on You Tube . I am
    planting Yellow Doll, Golden Midget and Sugar Baby Watermelons this year.
    Inspire cantaloupe and Minnesota Golden Midget are my other melons. What
    spacing are you using? I will be planting my raised bed within the next
    day. I need to get all of my melons planted soon. I started them in the
    house 5 weeks ago.

  2. RLSgardener

    I am trying water melon this year too. Sugar Baby. so far it seems to be a
    fairly small vine melon that makes small personal sized water melons.

    I am also growing Hales best cantaloupe which as usual seem to be taking
    over. I meant to plant Sarah’s Choice cantaloupe from Johnny seeds but i
    forgot about them when I planted =(

    Thanks for Sharing

  3. Learn To Grow

    Would these variety do okay in my climate? I think I need a greenhouse
    though. Our weather is just not stable enough..thanks for sharing!

  4. Lorraine Marie

    I’m growing heirloom watermelon and canteloup. Cantaloupes I grew from
    seeds and they started germination yesterday. Excited!!! Watermelon, I
    purchased as a plant and they are coming along. I planted these on last
    Friday. Can’t wait to see their growth.

  5. LaoSoftware

    It’s too cold in my area to grow melons. I’m depressed about that.

  6. OneYardRevolution

    Thanks for the tips on watermelons for a short growing season! We’ve never
    had any luck growing watermelons, but we’ll have to try one of these in the

  7. The Self Sufficient Life

    Nice. I’ve got Blacktail seeds but circumstances prevent me from planting
    as much as I had hoped this year. I am planting a Petit Gris De Rennes
    melon though. It is more like a honeydew and supposedly good for short
    growing seasons. Not sure how big the plant gets but I guess I’m going to
    find out.

  8. Brock Hughes

    Looks great Kim! what kind of temps are you guy into?

  9. Arif Khan

    I’m growing Moon & stars heirloom melon, tiger melon, gala & giant
    cantaloupe, Thompson & Morgan Edonis f1 from the royal horticultural
    society and Italian authentic watermelon. Im very excited about growing
    moon & stars as this has been a dream to finally grow them. Tiger, gala and
    cantaloupes are very easy to grow and I’m growing them vertically outside
    and in greenhouse. I need a bigger garden lol. I want to try your orangeglo
    but I ran out of room now. 

  10. Southpaw Davey

    The ones you did last year were great the plant was huge as I remember.
    Hope you do as well this year.

  11. Rod Banuelos

    hola! great video 🙂 i loved ur watermelon series from last year!! and
    these plants look awesome already!! nice that they will be ready quick lol
    love all these videos with great things to put on my "things i want to
    grow" list 🙂 have an awesome day!

  12. Stephen Legaree

    In the absence of warm soil temperatures grafted melon plants in theory
    should work way up here 🙂 I look forward to see how you do this year !! 

  13. greenlovingmom

    Moon and stars is a good one but it’s not for a really short season
    although I got mine in really late last year and got 3 good size
    watermelons from it. they were so pretty it was a shame to cut them :)

  14. Medic Ken

    The dog keeps eating my seedlings.

  15. Geekella

    awesome 😀 i’m just growing the sugar baby variety. our yard is huge so i
    was able to plant 31 seedlings i started from seed. yeah i know 31 sounds
    ridiculous LOL but i wanted to see how much WM i can end up with and I want
    to be able to host a "watermelon party" where my close relatives come and
    eat watermelon with me haha. but if i can’t harvest enough at one time,
    then i’ll just probably be giving a lot of WM to family and friends
    throughout the season haha. so far i already have like 16 tiny WM
    hand-pollinated, and i see that one i hand-pollinated days ago is already
    getting a bit bigger! it’s very exciting. i hope to share pics with you
    when they are harvested xD

  16. Growing With God

    I’m growing blackmail mountain as well and moon and stars. I was hoping to
    trellis blackmail mtn but ran out of room lol. I hope your watermelons turn
    out awesome

  17. Charm City Balcony Garden

    Neat! I love to flip through all the varieties of watermelon and melons in
    the catalogues. One day I will grow them:) I’ll be looking forward to
    watching you harvest some of those fruits!!

  18. The Productive Garden

    Thanks for the video Kim. I am going to have to see if I can get these
    melons in Australia.

  19. Aaron Monroe

    You read my mind, I’m about to plant some watermelons, thanks for the tips,
    I’m off to watch that other video you linked, Thank You, :)

  20. jerry prewett

    i am trying plenty of room for them i hope does as well as
    yours did last yr, +CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY 

  21. tblbaby

    neat and quick, which is neat 🙂 pretty good size for 70 days. Wonder if
    you could hang em from mesh bags nailed into the fence. Mellon hammocks,
    should be a thing if it’s not. I was going to grow some local grown
    species, but too much trouble, hope I can find some of these seeds. Great
    idea planting in intervals. Thanks, great info.

  22. Jr Leon

    will do this next year for one of my raised beds. Would act as a cover so
    I don’t need to mulch so much later in the season.

  23. MIgardener

    I am growing seeds from a 150 lb. watermelon, so we will see how it goes!
    If I can hardly lift it, I did something right. Your watermelons look

  24. CinemaSasquatch

    Thanks for sharing. I grew watermelons one year and it took up way more
    space then I had intended. These will be great to try.

  25. CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY

    I am growing 2 new varieties of watermelon this year that are very compact
    plants and mature early. My plants are already starting to develop little
    melons! Can’t wait to eat them! So if you have a short growing season and
    are short on space, you may want to consider these varieties.


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