Sowing A Yew Hedge

Associated with all of the vegetation used in hedges probably the most quintessentially British is yew hedging. It is the particular oldest living tree within the British Isles along with yews in England plus Wales that is more than 3, 000 years associated with age – the Fortingall yew in Perthshire will be between 4-5, 000 many years old. The yew will be inextricably linked with dying and rebirth – each old churchyard has the yew tree to keep off evil spirits.

The particular tool of an British long bowman’s trade has been made of yew, which usually was once feared on through Europe and has been the cornerstone of a few of our most famous middle ages victories (Agincourt, Crecy etc). To possess a yew hedging that will is a part of English background, also being an essential part of an British garden is a fantastic thing and never difficult in order to do.


Plan the location with care — yew hedge plants will certainly grow in bright sunlight and deep shade, nevertheless it is capable associated with staying to put this for hundreds of many years. It likes any ground that drains and that will has some nourishment (so stay away from clay-based and sand).

Before a person start you will require a sprayer or sprinkling can if you are intending to make use of weed killer, a spade, a sharp knife, several canes, string, a container, a 1 metre lengthy piece of wood plus (on planting day) your own plants.

Ground preparation will be simple. Have fun along with bamboo canes and chain until you are certain you have marked away exactly where the yew hedging will look greatest. It is not required but much better use a non-residual weed fantastic (any one containing Glyphosate is fine) following a manufacturer’s instructions a minimum associated with four weeks before a person intend to plant. Do that on a still, dried out day when the heat is above freezing.

Keep for 4-6 weeks in order to allow the weeds plus grass to die plus then remove the best 1-inch (2. 5cm) associated with soil and dead marijuana, which could go directly into your compost pile. If you do not really use a weed fantastic, remove the turf that will you could put benefit down on your compost heap. Take out the trench the depth associated with a garden spade plus (if you might be planting within a single row) sixty cms wide. Put the particular earth from the trench on a sheet close by. Remove roots and gemstones and break up any kind of large clods of ground. If the ground will be poor, incorporate a small well rotted manure or even compost.

The planting procedure

Take a bundle associated with plants out of their own wrapping, cut the chain and soak the root base in a bucket associated with water. Mark the sowing line with 2 canes plus a piece of thread. Even spacing of plant life in a formal hedge is important, so utilize a measuring stick with thirty-three cms markings to assist you space the plant life accurately.

Make sure the particular yew hedge plants finish up no deeper within the soil compared in order to level they grew with before they were raised – you can make use of the string being a good indicator of soil degree. If in doubt, this is better to seed too high than as well deep. Hold each seed at the correct elevation and return the dirt under and around the particular roots firming it since you go. Two individuals, one holding and a single shoveling best try this.

Just before you finally firm the earth double check the space from the plants plus make sure these are straight. It is important along with all bare-rooted plants that will a good contact is definitely established between the root base and soil as shortly as they are rooted. Without stamping, firm the earth around each plant utilizing your full body weight. This is a good option in order to hold the plant up and down whilst doing this. Perform not forget to drinking water your hedge after sowing and during dry means in the spring till it really is properly established.

Clip the aspect branches of the yew whenever you feel as if this; the more clipping the particular greater as this assists the plants become bushier. However, tend not to cut the particular growing tip until the particular hedge has reached the particular height you want. As soon as cut off, it will certainly never grow upwards because fast as before.


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