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  1. Tony Watson
  2. memberson

    This is a very good video, I’m just trying to learn because I’m new to
    gardening. Could you get the same results from your garden if you just used
    the woodchips?

    Thank you

  3. FrugalPrepper

    Little to broad for me. It is going to kill the good and bad bugs. PM can
    be controlled but doing a application of sulfur now and then. BE Takes
    care of the caterpillars. Beer traps take care of slugs. All are organic
    and target the specific pest you are after and not all insects.

  4. John Malkovich

    by soil do you mean clay ?! ..cause I’ve been struggling with my clay soil,
    mine is a brownish clay soil even harder than the red clay, I tried mixing
    in gravel and sand from the sea, but my onions turned out to have salty
    taste, does salt washes deep down with regular watering on the long run ?!

  5. Sirena Delmar

    wonder if we can use pure castile liquid soap instead of the one you’re

  6. Marsha B

    I live on a hill actually a mountain. So I have no soil on my land its just
    wrong. I dig 6 inches and I hit big boulders. That sucks 🙂 it’s good for
    my muscles but I have to use raised beds in my yard and buy soil here

  7. FromGatheringToGrowingFood
  8. Gardening Secrets Revealed

    really like this video about bug control… Organic Pest Control – End
    Problems with Bugs Forever in Your Garden

  9. deaconsmom2000

    Oh my goodness, Young ‘un! Has Spring come to Wales already?! I’m jealous,
    we’re still mired in snow and dirty ice. I can’t wait to get out there! I
    went on safari yesterday and found 10 praying mantis nests! No need for any
    pest control again this year, thank goodness! By the way, have you ever
    planted dogwood from seed? Any help with that would be great. 🙂 – Old
    Broad in the U.S.

  10. Erin Hamilton

    Hey Brandon, we don’t have Azomite in my area. Do you buy yours locally,
    and if so where. I will be in the DFW area soon. Thanks!

  11. John McQuillan

    Excellent show! Josh seems to have a genuine concern for the environment.
    More Josh! Thanks for this :)

  12. BlueHammer_1

    I was wondering if you could carry on with the series, how to make money
    from gardening

  13. jbnice1911

    Hey brandon i stay in the dallas area as well where is this place with the
    free mulch?

  14. Elisheva Yisrael

    boys like bugs pay them to find them LOL

  15. Cory Steinke


  16. suburban homestead

    thanks for the tips. I need to start growing more parsley. I always end up

  17. SeattlePublicUtilities
  18. heirloomseedsinfo
  19. Martin Green go H

    The tomato Tomate or Jitomate
    commonly known as a tomato plant The tomato is consumed in diverse ways,
    including raw, as an ingredient in many dishes, sauces, salads, and drinks.

  20. Brandon Marshall

    In general, I don’t like peat moss, but have used it some in the past. It
    is too expensive, nutrient deficient, lifeless, antimicrobial, not
    sustainable, & has to be shipped across the country for most gardeners.
    Peat moss is anti-microbial. Microbes don’t grow well in it. That’s just
    the opposite of what we want. Peat moss is good for storing bulbs, tubers,
    & other things that you don’t want to rot. Suggestion: research on why NOT
    to use it, there are better alternatives like compost or coir.

  21. 2JobsStillPoorUSA

    What about Diatomaceous earth. 

  22. Stephen Legaree

    Great how to my friend ! You said the seeds were from your garden right ?
    Do you get a lot of volunteer parsley in your garden? 

  23. Momma Dirt

    Great information Brandon. Thank you for mentioning that pine and peat moss
    can be problematic. When it comes to evergreen products, most people do not
    realize they contain natural paraffin which can make their soil hydrophobic
    (not absorb water). Not to mention that they can also effect ph. Evergreen
    products should only be used after they are very well composted and
    preferably mixed with other types of compost.

  24. LadyDistelfink

    The best strategy to deal with pests long term is to attract beneficials.
    Plant yarrow, basket of gold, peppermint etc. to attract hoverflies,
    parasitoid wasps and ladybugs – they’ll take care of those aphids and other
    bugs. Attract birds to your garden and they’ll keep the caterpillars at
    bay. Beneficials never eliminate pests completely, but they definitely
    control them. Plus all the flowers look nice and attract pollinators!

  25. SandyMoth

    Hi Huw, please show use growing various Strawberry plants that will fruit
    through out the growing season here in the UK. Early, mid and late season
    varieties. Something I’d like to try this year, and will follow your
    planting and harvesting instructions and videos. It would be so nice to
    harvest a fresh crop of strawberries for the whole of the summer and autumn
    months. Thank you, Gary

  26. future widow

    love the hat.

  27. As you sow, so shall you reap

    What’s the best way to inoculate my char?

  28. Angie Cabrera

    So true. Love all your videos.

  29. superslyfoxx1

    I have been looking for cotton burr compost here in Ga but I am having a
    hard time. That stuff looks really good.

  30. STONER Timmy

    California tomatoes !!! That was a good laugh as I sit here smoking my own
    Cali tomatoes 

  31. Marks Sussex Allotment

    Thanks Huw :)

  32. Gun Enthusiast

    Lol…great info.

  33. Biochar Bob
  34. Lori Carroll

    I just started a raised bed this year. I had no idea of what I was
    doing, but I did watch , seems like 2,000 videos. Everything was going
    great, but the zucchini and cantaloupe are growing like wild , but no
    fruit. I have been spraying with Fish Fertilizer ( everything seems to love
    it, and yes it stinks ) , also, spraying flowers with Epsom salt mixture (
    Magnesium, and they all seem to love that too.) I tried Neem oil mix spray,
    but apparently I’m really allergic to it. I thought it was mosquitos, but
    my arms broke out in hive like itchy rashes. I had to take a Benadryl, so I
    can’t use that. My daughter noticed what looks like ants in the middle of
    the flowers of the cantaloupe. I was so upset , I sprinkled sevin dust on
    it. Did I just poison/ ruin my garden ????

  35. F Rivera

    Please let us know why you do not use Peat Moss. So many sites tell you to
    add it to improve the soil. What are your thoughts on this?

  36. leifcatt

    I had to smile when I found out I was doing something right. I have been
    using Neem oil and Dr. Bronner’s soap for years. My Grandpa introduced me
    to Dr. Bronner’s in the early 70’s. It was his favorite soap because it was
    " a natural way to clean everything except sin." Just had to share. :-)

  37. PhantomAct

    I am having the worst of time trying to grow dill. I usually cover the
    seeds with soil and then water. No result so far. Looking at your clip, I’m
    wondering if i should just scatter them on the roughed up soil instead.

  38. CraftsAndMore315

    John, I just finished watching this video and I’m going to say something
    personal now that’s not gardening related. You are about my age. In 1995
    when you became ill you were in your mid-20s, me too back then, so we are
    about the same age now. You can still have children John. You just need to
    find a woman young enough who is still in her childbearing years. There is
    always foster children and adoption also. There are many children out there
    who don’t have homes and need a loving parent. You could actually be a
    mentor if you wanted to, like at the Boys and Girls Club or something like
    that, and teach a whole new generation about gardening maybe one day a
    week. What a difference that would make in the lives of these children. You
    don’t have to have your own children right now in order to make a
    difference in a child’s life, you know? When you began "crying" in this
    video toward the end, I wasn’t sure if at first you were playing around,
    because I know you have a nice sense of humor, but it seemed like you were
    serious actually, and you know what, your children will be happy and proud
    of you. They already are. They are present with you in mind and spirit,
    they just haven’t been physically brought into the world yet, but they are
    proud of you, we all are John. It’s going to be okay (big smile). You say
    you need to relax more about your dating situation the way you are relaxed
    in the garden, otherwise you will end up single because you are "waiting
    for the right girl" but be a possibility thinker in that area of your life
    also. Remember you told us in this video that if we wait to plant a garden
    until we know everything about gardening, we will never do it. Well, maybe
    you want to take a chance on a woman as well, and if it doesn’t work out
    then you just learn from it and do better the next time. Life and love and
    relationships are like gardens in that respect. They need to be watered
    with love, tended to and cared for like the soil, and warmed with the
    sunshine of affection, and those are all gardening traits that you are very
    good at doing with your plants, I know those same skills will transfer over
    to a woman and relationship, and when you find her, you will have a
    beautiful garden of love to share with her, with lots of little plants,
    little Johns, flourishing in the family garden as well. I believe in you
    John even though I have never met you except for in these videos, and I
    know everything will work out for you. Take a chance on love and you may
    get your garden of children after all. In the meantime, just love everyone
    who crosses your path in life until that time comes when you have your own
    family, because in truth, we are all "family" sort of on this earth, and we
    all need a little gardening tender love and care in all of our lives. Sorry
    if I got too personal in this email. I meant well. Thanks for sharing John
    and for everything you do for all of us viewers, and thanks for letting me
    share, too. God bless, and hope you have a great day. 🙂 Christine.

  39. Dee Wyte

    I gotta find that song!!

  40. Beyond the Oort Cloud

    Hawaii must be a perfect place for gardeners; tropical islands where its
    rains year round. It’s a travesty not to grow your own foods in such

  41. Brandon Marshall

    Really, maybe it’s available here, since a lot of cotton is grown in Texas.
    This compost seems to give me the best results in our clay soil, but I have
    used many different composts over the years.

  42. nery colon

    Hi David We been having problem with the weather also which it’s not good
    for the plants. It’s been a while. Glad that you doing good Peppers and

  43. Eric Gajewski

    Urban Homesteading.
    Urban Homesteading – Using Traditional Wisdom for an Urban Vegetable Garden

  44. mucnagow2

    I learn so much from your videos! This one was filled with information.
    Thank you!

    I am very blessed to have an abundance of ladybugs in my area and believe
    me, I am grateful.

    An all natural pesticide that generations of my family has used is tobacco.
    Whether you grow your own and dry it or go to the tobacco store and get it
    already bagged doesn’t matter. It works the same.

    Soak dried tobacco in water. I use 5 gallon buckets. The longer you soak
    it, the stronger the water. Spray it on the plants.

    This has no effect on any kind of mold or fungus. It is particularly good
    at stopping leaf cutters.

    It has no effect on the taste of fruits and vegetables but I do not spray
    when the plants are in bloom.


  45. Anthony dunne

    Could you do some more exoctic seed planting videos, like Sequiadendron
    seeds or maybe Paulownia tomentosa seeds, and show us your progess with
    them? they are very cheap to buy online, i think maybe 1 pound for a good
    few seeds. i know they are not vegtables and maybe your concentrating on
    that aspect, but i think it would be a fun video series to try out.

  46. sfchemist

    Thanks John, enjoy all of your videos. Your enthusiasm is contagious and
    very inspiring–keep up the good work. 

  47. zABRAYA

    I’m glad that this is banned in the E.U.

  48. P4nikStudios

    People if you watch a video and you dont dislike it .. hit the like
    button.. It helps the people who post the video out!

  49. OneYardRevolution

    Brandon, that looks like a great blend of amendments. I had never seen
    Cotton Bur compost before. That looks like good stuff!

  50. nery colon
  51. Old Farmer's Almanac

    Live in the city? Even if your home is in an urban area, you can adapt
    traditional wisdom and homesteading values to help you live more
    sustainably and provide healthy, natural food on the table. Curious? Check
    out these simple techniques! After you watch this video, why not try our
    online Almanac Garden Planner for free here:

  52. LightPaige

    "Say hello to my little friend" lol! You guys are hilarious… I especially
    love the machine gun soundbite.. too funny!

  53. vmcshannon

    darn I was hoping it was parsnips like the title said

  54. Margie Fuller

    Wow, I posted before the touching ending. We’re doing the same thing. It’s
    all about learning to garden, so we can teach our son. Thank you for

  55. BeginnerVegetableGarden
  56. truthseeker010101

    It’s a monster and it needs to stop…but without the growth in crops we
    could not feed the people we do today…it’s a problem

  57. angelbe88

    yes Hawaii is insane expensive. I used to be able to get bananas in San
    Diego for .79 /lb. Now I’m paying over 1.20/lb for imported and local.

  58. Stephani Jonson

    nice video , If anyone else wants to produce you own amazing healthy
    organic fruit and veg easily it’s worth trying – Banfan Incredible Organic
    Miracle (just google it)? Ive heard some incredible things about it from my
    brother in law – perfect! 

  59. Heather Paulding

    I have been using my herbal spray very sparingly and have been very
    vigilant about keep my rose bushes open in the middle. Very minimal


    Great information, Brandon. How much do you spend amending all your gardens?

  61. Robert Overturf

    As I understand the order of operations, it goes corn/maise to about 6
    inches, then beans, then squash a week later.

  62. jksatte

    I would love to have this. You should come visit me in FL and well hahaha.
    Don’t you want to know what it’s like to garden in FL lol. I truly enjoy
    your channel. Thanks so much. Janice

  63. jsheldon131

    california tomatoes? hahaha

  64. Zack Brittain

    Hey, youre title says ‘Parsnips’ instead of ‘Parsley’. ;)

  65. Margie Fuller

    Let’s find a techie gardener to create an app for inputting that data. We
    could build the database quickly.

  66. legacy01331

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  67. ReyReyloads


  68. Chris Allen

    Hi John, a lot of my compost in my composting barrel is clumping into black
    compost potatoes – what’s the best way of turning it into dry soil like
    compost? Thanks.

  69. suburban homestead

    Interesting recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  70. Brandon Marshall

    Amending the Garden Soil

  71. Ruben00021

    Nice work! Where did you get the slug protection pot?

  72. nery colon
  73. Rawgardening

    Harlequin Bug on your Collards!

  74. Gardening & More


  75. Nubian Wholistics

    This video is very inspirational


  76. Doc Tuttle

    Operation Monsanto Stock Pluge! — Watch quickly before YouTube censors
    remove this video again.

  77. meatpockets00

    i started composting thanks to john.

  78. CBS New York
  79. Jay Kimber

    You’re awesome John, what a big heart you have. 

  80. Heather Paulding

    Simple and Organic Rose Garden pest spray DIY! Head for the hills you leggy
    varmints! #bugs #pests #Organic #natural #bugspray #garden #gardening
    #Organicgardening #roses #rosecare

  81. MrPaulnestor

    Nice setup it will be interesting to see how it does. How are your beehives
    we have been chasing swarms the last two days!! Thanks for sharing and god

  82. Elizabeth Cvetic

    As you start converting your yard, I have found that old sod that is
    removed to make way for vegetables can be piled up (upside down) into
    berms, to add shape and character to your back yard "farm". In a couple of
    years, the sod will break down into rich loamy soil, perfect for growing
    strawberries, blueberries, rhubarb, etc, for a beautiful and productive
    border. I have a full fledged urban garden near Denver, Colorado, my
    project "journal" is at I know so many people
    that are trying to be more self sufficient! It is a wonderful thing.

  83. davie-m

    what kind of hawk is that.? looks too big for a hawk here in england

  84. George Stephen

    I just wish I could get Rid of Harlequin Bugs, nothing seems to work on
    those pests

  85. Fespieded

    How come these aren’t in 1080p?

  86. Praxxus55712

    Parsley seed head look just like dill seed heads. I’ve never seen parsley
    go to seed. Good job! :)

  87. David Trees

    Endive… Mmm what is it like… Rocket? Tumeric looks good mate. Cheers
    Mate! David

  88. micheal barber

    The Steve Irwin of Gardening!!! thanks john great vid

  89. Rivka Freeman

    Say no to #GMO in the supermarket and in your investment portfolio!

  90. Susan Tow

    Hi, John, as always enjoy u videos. I start my compost too but my problem
    is not enough green. John Do you still grow Chinese artichokes . if u do
    could I buy some roots from u so I can grow them, Thanks

  91. easybullet3

    i have a video of GREEN JUICE (under my x1260 microscope) on my youtube
    video list. there are some Crystals Moving around it. I want someone to let
    me know more about these crystals in Green Juice. What are they ?

  92. amorfini498

    Great video david, love the idea of the companion planting. I hope it works
    well for you. And I also hope you are liking your new place in Switzerland

  93. waynesurbangarden

    All about applying homestead principles to urban areas

  94. John Donaway

    Most everything you’re growing is low in nutritional value and and just
    about worthless to sell. Who grows their own popcorn? And onions, I can get
    a 50lb bag for $10. Hot sauce at every meal? That monotonous, why even grow
    herbs when you kill their flavor with hot sauce?

    I’m just saying.


  95. CannaHeaven

    Pressure spraying with water helps, but the best solution is pressure spray
    them with water and a drop of natural dishwashing soap. The soap will wash
    away a protective layer on the pests skin/armor and makes them deadly
    vulnerable to the elements. A little sunshine and wind will do the rest.

  96. dewbs815

    "I’m sorry, but I’m not going to apologize."

  97. Bob C

    That was a great video. I have never had luck with parsley. I have always
    planted its seeds directly in the ground. It’s time I tried starting it in
    pots inside. Wish me luck!

  98. Annie65H

    I love your raised beds and how you arranged them. I especially love the
    round/tall metal beds – that look like you don’t have to stoop to garden!
    LOL! It is mind blowing to think that it is your Winter – but you have
    things coming up & starting to grow!! How different than when I was
    growing up in West Virginia & here in Virginia. I used to be in corduroys
    going to school and the floor furnace usually turned on by the early Fall.
    Isn’t it great to not have to buy new plants – & just let nature do her
    cycle! I was trying to think why my Dad (was an avid gardener) didn’t do
    more of that. He would save some seeds – like from heirloom tomatoes. But
    I think he didn’t let most go to seed because of the short season that we
    would have really – and limited space. He would clear & tiller the garden
    every Fall and put in a cover crop to enrich it – like rye. He didn’t
    rotate crops – but that was how he kept the soil from becoming too worn out
    from the same plantings Summer after Summer. And I especially liked your
    garden helper – there at the end! LOL! But I had heard that at one time
    those Cane Toads were really a problem – are they still? Hope not! Thanks
    again for another great video! We live in a townhouse now – with a small
    yard – but hope to move to the country in Maryland some day if possible –
    so I love collecting ideas!! 

  99. David Clark

    John you truely are a force for good. In this highly commercial world you
    freely share your knowlege and experience.
    Your videos are insightful, and highly entertaining. You remind me very
    much of the late Steve Irwin. Your enthusiasm and sincerity are much

    I live in a small apartment in North Dakota and have built a 12-bottle
    bottle tower garden for fresh herbs. I also intend to grow microgreens as a
    supplemental source of nutrition. I credit you for much of my inspiration.

    May God bless you and keep you.

  100. Aquariel Charm

    Call Fidelity, Vanguard and State Street and tell them you’ll never buy
    stock because we know about Monsanto’s plan to replace nature and not just
    seeds. They’ve released Genetically Modified (GM) mosquitoes in 3
    countries, GM salmon, pigs, plants, growth hormone injected in the cows–

    No wonder Monsanto is the MOST HATED corporation on earth. But what you
    don’t know is about the technology to reverse the damage you’ve done AFTER
    we get rid of all you rotten, evil, incarnated Schutzstaffels.


    Vanguard: 877-662-7447

    State Street: 866-787-2257 (not sure about this #).

  101. UtahPrepper1

    Thanks for this video. Crazy prices

  102. anoptimisticone

    I am wondering about the wormers that my horse has to ingest every other
    month and how that breaks down or doesn’t for using manure in the compost,
    what say you John and fans?

  103. Rob Bob

    Nice up date David.. Looks like it’ll be a very productive jungle..
    Hope there was no damage to the car :/
    Cheers mate & have a great one..

  104. Estemy

    Keeping bees is not for everyone, but there is an easy alternative. Build a
    bee hotel for solitary bees. Solitary bees are in big need of everyones
    help, because just like honeybees pesticides have reduced their numbers to
    pittance. There are tons of species and they can help your garden just as
    good as honeybees. Building the hotel is easy, all you need is a drill with
    differently sized drill bits and scrapwood. You can easily find it in big
    parks or in a forrest, just lying around. I have mine hanging for about a
    month now and since 2 days I see constant activity. The bees have laid
    their eggs and are busy pollinating my plants. The best thing? I dont need
    to do anything else for the bees, they just live there and take care of
    Google insect hotel or bee hotel for inspiration and help the bees out! One
    example: (but it can
    also be a bird-house sized if you lack room or materials).
    Here;s my insect hotel:

  105. Caleb kendyl

    hey Jeff thanks for the inspiration! Check out my video on growing Zucchini
    in a pot! I don’t even have half as much as you but i will get there one
    day 🙂 Growing Zucchini in pots or containers

  106. MrBugsier5

    n looking good now Troy!, will bee good eating in the long run!

  107. DMC Grant

    Josh seems very nice and I agree and support his views, but I found this
    episode too commercial and too long for my taste. Lot’s of great info

  108. Shelita Williams

    I’m growing my own organic vegetable garden right on my balcony! I’m sooooo
    excited! Go on this journey with me!

  109. Proponics South Africa

    Nice video guys

  110. lAmCanad1an

    Why does Amir remind me of Jack Nicholson in The Shining when he’s eating
    the horse manure lol?…

  111. McDowall Manor

    Gotta love a volunteer!

  112. Yrenia Sala

    Hi John! Big fan here, down in South Florida. I am a new mother of an 8
    month old who is eating my garden magazine as I type 🙂 Just wanted to let
    you know how much you’ve inspired me to finally give this a go. I’ve been
    wanting to do this since ’06, but I suffer greatly from analysis paralysis
    and afraid of failure. But now with this beautiful innocent and happy baby
    I have, I have a lot to lose if I didn’t just take the plunge. Thank you so
    much for all that you are doing!

  113. annie46664

    GREAT IDEA! I can be done!!!
    ~South Africa~ xox

  114. Praxxus55712

    COMPOST! It’s not just for breakfast anymore! :)

  115. chainsawmajini

    Oops I accidentally left an extra comma in my sentence , my bad .

  116. Elyse Joseph

    David is doing a very nice experiment on the three sisters garden, you must
    see the end, too funny 🙂
    You can also watch the first episode: Milpa system – Grow The Three Sisters
    extended method / Companion planting & experiment WWNGD # 4

  117. grumpy poo

    tips for urban gardening…. hmmmmm now let me think…. Having a good
    looking young chap like you next door to come and do my garden would be
    good…… :D….. seriously though, I love your gardening channel but
    being a technophobic granny it would take me longer to get the hang of the
    planner than it would to get out and do the veg plot….. 

  118. Jeff Heriot

    That’s fantastic DB, thanks. I’ll catch ya later, bye:)

  119. Tracy James Tavares

    Troy , as long as U r happy , " F " the critics ! . Try some Lyme in your
    garden , its cheap enufe . And maybe U want to check the soil P.H. . I
    have yet to see any Compost used .

  120. Eric Seltzer

    John been a fan for years .. however you have turned commercial … get
    back to why you got in to this in the first place … this infomercial is
    offensive and not what I signed up for when I subscrribed to your channel. 

  121. Aquaponics Survival
  122. Serj Tankian

    I gagged so hard when he ate the manure. xD

  123. Sarah Baker

    Amazing mark. I dream of creating what you have. We are on a standard house
    block with a variety of fruit trees and two of the tank style raised
    gardens at the moment. Love the videos and inspiration. 

  124. Melissa Highfill

    Please tell me where I can find purple tree collards seeds. I live in
    Hawaii, so I can’t buy plants from the Mainland, only seeds. Also, if you
    could connect me with the katook (we always called it saropa) grower, so I
    can grow it again. 

  125. Pete Kruze

    Thanks for sharing this video Mike. It is a great idea. I shall share this
    on my FaceBook account.

  126. Soulman1282

    John, I just sifted my first batch of compost using the plans from you
    sifting video. It worked great. I make my compost using your method with
    the compressed pine horse bedding. It also has Azomite in it, and I add the
    ash from natural lump charcoal which always has small pieces of charcoal
    (biochar like) in it. It was some good looking stuff. I mixed it with some
    soil that I dug out, and sifted, from where a stump had been ground down
    and the wood chips filling the hole had broken down into some dark rich
    hummus. When I got done mixing I had a whole big trash can full of awesome
    soil! I immediately thought, "You can’t buy soil this good." Thanks for all
    your teachings and inspiration John! My garden is doing great, and you
    played a big part in that!

  127. chainsawmajini

    How about the enzymes in the horse manure ? I thought that’s what
    most,people use it for .

  128. Elyse Joseph

    Nice update David and I loved the end :D

  129. Rosemarie Mello

    Are them chickens free range chickens? My dad raised free range chickens
    and they had the biggest eggs and laid multiple times…people traveled for
    miles to purchase them eggs..

  130. BrandonGrowsFood

    Wow Your Dragon Fruit Looks Great 🙂

  131. MrCrf450rider

    My Dad plants Italian beans around his garden,and he get’s alot of them,and
    they are good.

  132. Jesse Stay

    I’ve had good success this year with a combination of ladybugs, green
    lacewings, and parasitic wasps. It will take time, but my hope is the
    entire ecosystem equals out.

  133. Kradia

    +PurplePie69 Tripping on weed? If you seriously thought "everyone" was
    going to steal your kidneys while "tripping" on marijuana, then I’m sorry
    to be the one to tell you this, but either that wasn’t just weed or you
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    windmills around by where your folks live I think). One thing to look for
    is a product by Rycote called windjammers, they help filter some of the
    wind noise picked up by the microphone. I have some I got on Ebay for $12
    and will be doing a review of them soon.

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    what did the trick. In tires you can’t reach the bottom to turn over the
    compost. Learned this eventually.

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    them, so I know when not to collect manure out of the paddocks. Combined
    with the pelletized stall bedding, and green sand, it heats up quickly and
    composts down pretty nicely. I may have a source for Azomite next year to
    add to it. Sweetest watermelons I’ve ever grown this year were fed with
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    People say grow the expensive stuff buy the cheap stuff… here we can get
    potatoes for $1 – $2 for 10# pretty often so growing them really isn’t
    worth it except it is fun and organic. Of course carrots are cheap too, so
    naturally they grow easy here and I grow them anyway. But strawberries are
    expensive and I have no luck growing them. Bell pepper here are expensive,
    especially the red ones so I have planted a lot…we’ll see… last year I
    over fertilized and got only two peppers. 🙁

    You may already know…your pepper plants can over winter if you build them
    a cold frame or put them in pots in your solar porch. You may even get some
    peppers in winter but you will definately have nice big plants next spring.
    I just learned that this year… I always tore out the plants in the fall,
    wrong thing to do apparently. I will be trimming them back and keeping them.

    Are you going to plant squash or is your area not good for squash? If there
    is one guaranty here it is squash… I planted zuccini, yellow crook neck,
    pumpkin, and patty pan squash last week and already have good sized starts.
    Yay! Only 45 days to harvest for most so if you do some now you might even
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    I started a worm farm a few months ago and they are doing very well… i
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    things have grown. All the sweet potatoes, ginger, snake beans & Qld.
    arrowroot are gone. I now have heaps of spuds in, quite a few garlic & my
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      Good growing.


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    How are you planning for growing transplants this year? I’m building a
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    should I start them now or wait a few weeks? I have very limited space for
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    Was remembering listening to my Grandparents talk about planting a
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    1. John will answer your question in an upcoming episode on his channel:

    2. John will personally call you and do a 10 minute garden coaching session:

    In this episode, John will answer the following questions:

    01:34 There are mites in my compost pile, are they ok?
    03:15 What are your thoughts on food stamps at the farmers market?
    04:42 What about growing food in Northern Arizona?
    05:57 Can I bring my pepper plants that are in the ground with me when I
    07:07 Should I use a soaker hose or a drip irrigation to water my garden
    08:59 What fruits and vegetables would you recommend growing in Hawaii?
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    12:54 Is there some reason you wouldn’t give me a response to my question?
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    Published on Sep 17, 2013
    Help John to close caption his videos and get your questions answered with
    the links below:

    1. John will answer your question in an upcoming episode on his channel:

    2. John will personally call you and do a 10 minute garden coaching session:

    In this episode, John will answer the following questions:

    01:34 There are mites in my compost pile, are they ok?
    03:15 What are your thoughts on food stamps at the farmers market?
    04:42 What about growing food in Northern Arizona?
    05:57 Can I bring my pepper plants that are in the ground with me when I
    07:07 Should I use a soaker hose or a drip irrigation to water my garden
    08:59 What fruits and vegetables would you recommend growing in Hawaii?
    11:05 What is the recipe for your dr. bronners and neem oil organic bug
    11:50 Is it safe to grow plants or seeds in recycled soda bottles?
    12:54 Is there some reason you wouldn’t give me a response to my question?
    15:07 When you pick leaves to juice or eat, do you pick the leaf with the
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    Published on Sep 17, 2013
    Help John to close caption his videos and get your questions answered with
    the links below:

    1. John will answer your question in an upcoming episode on his channel:

    2. John will personally call you and do a 10 minute garden coaching session:

    In this episode, John will answer the following questions:

    01:34 There are mites in my compost pile, are they ok?
    03:15 What are your thoughts on food stamps at the farmers market?
    04:42 What about growing food in Northern Arizona?
    05:57 Can I bring my pepper plants that are in the ground with me when I
    07:07 Should I use a soaker hose or a drip irrigation to water my garden
    08:59 What fruits and vegetables would you recommend growing in Hawaii?
    11:05 What is the recipe for your dr. bronners and neem oil organic bug
    11:50 Is it safe to grow plants or seeds in recycled soda bottles?
    12:54 Is there some reason you wouldn’t give me a response to my question?
    15:07 When you pick leaves to juice or eat, do you pick the leaf with the
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    Published on Sep 17, 2013
    Help John to close caption his videos and get your questions answered with
    the links below:

    1. John will answer your question in an upcoming episode on his channel:

    2. John will personally call you and do a 10 minute garden coaching session:

    In this episode, John will answer the following questions:

    01:34 There are mites in my compost pile, are they ok?
    03:15 What are your thoughts on food stamps at the farmers market?
    04:42 What about growing food in Northern Arizona?
    05:57 Can I bring my pepper plants that are in the ground with me when I
    07:07 Should I use a soaker hose or a drip irrigation to water my garden
    08:59 What fruits and vegetables would you recommend growing in Hawaii?
    11:05 What is the recipe for your dr. bronners and neem oil organic bug
    11:50 Is it safe to grow plants or seeds in recycled soda bottles?
    12:54 Is there some reason you wouldn’t give me a response to my question?
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    Sometimes I score and sometimes I do not, but it keeps it fun. I just
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    01:34 There are mites in my compost pile, are they ok?
    03:15 What are your thoughts on food stamps at the farmers market?
    04:42 What about growing food in Northern Arizona?
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    Help John to close caption his videos and get your questions answered with
    the links below:

    1. John will answer your question in an upcoming episode on his channel:

    2. John will personally call you and do a 10 minute garden coaching session:

    In this episode, John will answer the following questions:

    01:34 There are mites in my compost pile, are they ok?
    03:15 What are your thoughts on food stamps at the farmers market?
    04:42 What about growing food in Northern Arizona?
    05:57 Can I bring my pepper plants that are in the ground with me when I
    07:07 Should I use a soaker hose or a drip irrigation to water my garden
    08:59 What fruits and vegetables would you recommend growing in Hawaii?
    11:05 What is the recipe for your dr. bronners and neem oil organic bug
    11:50 Is it safe to grow plants or seeds in recycled soda bottles?
    12:54 Is there some reason you wouldn’t give me a response to my question?
    15:07 When you pick leaves to juice or eat, do you pick the leaf with the
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    some questions about permaculture and some new ways to get you to think
    about your organic home garden. After watching this episode you will be
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    Now I just wanted to show you how a compost area might look like. We have
    some leaf mulch here, now i spent much of the morning separating 3
    different kinds of materials. There was a big pile ontop of that old
    compost pile there, we have a lot of these old branches, leaf mulch. What
    I’ve also done is shredded bigger branches and this pile here is green
    stuff, plenty of flies with vegetable, it will be mixed with brown stuff.
    Smaller branches, older compost pile here, lovely black stuff here with
    little branches which is important because too much carbon content in soil
    will rob nitrogen from soil. Softer branches are okay, bigger branches are
    not okay. Before we talk about how we make the compost heap, we talk about
    this heap I made two months ago. I made a video on it. We see black stuff
    in it, its half decomposed, twigs need to be broken, there is worms, worms
    are great. The compost has cooled down and some nasturtium flowers growing

    How to make it: use brown carbon materials bark, mulch, paper, cardboard
    leaves twigs, then comes water, fungi and bacteria make use of it. Then
    branches are the brown and also allow air pockets to come into compost. Air
    is important for fungi to break down the heap, green material we use
    vegetable peelings, cow manures, then add soil for worms so worms can have
    it to break down compost material. Eventually we go back to browns, water,
    then greens, every now and then we use an inoculant, which is fungi found
    in the forest. Worm castings or adding sweet compost is very good for and
    innoculum. Another thing is, different materials in the garden, weeds, food
    scraps, leaves, branches, if you can make sure you have a certain amount of
    carbon and nitrogen (25:1) if you have these quantities in the right
    amount, the decomposition process will do very well. Easiest way to think
    of it is a sandwich, brown on the outside and thin layer of green inside.
    Also recommend, with higher compost, make levels of brown and green, add
    soil in-between, up to a meter or 2 meters, turn it once a day. It will
    heat up a lot and adding water will cool it down. I was using a thermostat
    to make sure its not above 60C, but u can leave it there for a day and if
    its hot to the touch you should turn it and water it, if its not hot then
    its okay. You can use this compost for compost tea if you care for it
    enough. Bring in microbes from a wormery or an old compost heap that smells
    sweet to ensure bacteria. Throw in fungi to innoculate every now and then.
    Quickly here, this is hyphen, (fungi decomposing this compost). Hope that
    answered a lot of question in regards to making your own compost, This is
    different from a wormery that’s a low, 30cm high heap, we feed it by adding
    nitrogen and carbon materials and worms as well. Now if you have any
    questions drop a comment on Youtube, Facebook or private message me, thanks
    for watching. 

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