Program at Awareness Institute, Questionnaire, Australia

Awareness Institute began out a desire in order to inspire, engage and create a growing need within the community for spirit exploration and information through courses, workshops and recovery spaces.

Over the many years, we have evolved becoming an organic community associated with professionally trained facilitators, physicians and healers committed in order to inspiring an evolutionary change in human consciousness. All of us, and our students, worth community, personal empowerment, ethics and self-responsibility and look for to provide the best programs and support for personal and community evolution. Actually while not forgetting in order to sit back sometimes, conquer off our shoes plus also have fun!

Wish very proud to provide some of Sydney’s greatest Diploma and Certificate programs in Energetic Healing, Clairvoyant Development and Intuitive Recognition, Shamanic Healing, Transformative Yoga, Astrology, Reiki and the large number of brief courses, including Ritual plus Meditation evenings; Finding your own Life Purpose; Women’s Knowledge; Past Lives, Karma plus Soul Mates; Natural Pores and skin Care and Foods to get Moods in order to name the few.

We’ve created the particular perfect course structure in case you are not sure which associated with our courses to begin with. As all associated with our Certificate courses give food to directly into our Degree of Energetic Healing system, you can start along with, say, our Meditation or even Intuitive Awareness course plus on completion, have credit score for those course topics should you want in order to continue onto the Diploma system. That way you are usually able to intuitively movement from one specialized niche in order to the next and develop one set of abilities without feeling the require to study too a lot at the same period. Of course, if that you simply dying to jump within with both feet, a person can enroll into the particular Diploma of Energetic Recovery and immerse yourself completely within the richness plus self-exploration from the numerous of courses offered within could be program.

Plus because we know just how busy your lives can be, and recognize the particular different roles, work and study commitments we all of the share, our courses accommodate to your time plus availability needs and exactly where possible, we offer time, evening and online training course options, all of these types of may be found upon our website under ‘timetable’ at

Sometimes we all know we want in order to begin a course associated with study, a path associated with awakening, but somehow the particular start of the calendar year slips by and really feel we may have skipped the opportunity. No issue! Often we might require some extra thinking (or feeling) time to create sure what we need to choose to study is certainly right for all associated with us, so we furthermore offer mid-year intakes just for our Diploma of Energised Healing and Certificate within Intuitive Awareness courses. And lastly, may of our brief courses, including Reiki, operate each term or every single second term, so may possibly be always a chance in order to start exploring your interest whenever it’s right just for you.

Awareness Institute is certainly here for you. We all specialise in the pursuit of energetic and metaphysical aspects of your body plus the world we live in. And with that getting our core purpose, we all have attracted some associated with the wisest, committed plus many knowledgeable leaders within their respective fields in order to facilitate all of the course offerings; each identified and respected for their particular dedication and passion within sharing their own reality and wisdom with the particular utmost of integrity. Plus as such, our classes draw an incredibly devoted, warm and vibrant neighborhood of like-minded individuals in order to connect with and assistance you on your very own explorative journey.

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