Ormus, Mfkzt, White Powder Precious metal Is It An Anti-Ageing Monatomic Manna?

Part two of Ormus monatomic Precious metal, could it be a good Anti-ageing Superfood?
Had Brian Hudson found the legendary Philosopher’s Stone?

The Phoenix arizona farmer was further shocked when he asked the local rabbi, “Have a person ever heard of the particular white powder of precious metal? ” “Oh, yes”, arrived the unexpected reply, “but to our knowledge simply no one has known actions to make it given that the destruction from the particular first temple, Solomon’s Forehead. The white powder may be the magic, which can become used for white miracle or black magic. inch

By 2003, David Hudson had dropped from view after promising audiences that will he intended to produce his monatomic white natural powder for that benefit of almost all humanity. His disappearance through the public scene engendered much speculation. Had he or she just been a hoaxer who slinked back in the particular shadows before he had been exposed? Or had the particular people who had the lot to lose because of to his discovery discovered a way to reduce the effects of him? Or had he or she taken some of the particular amazing gold powder themself and shifted to the different dimension?

Meanwhile, the particular connection between his precious metal powder and ancient stories caught the interest associated with a growing number associated with scholars and researchers.

Uk author Laurence Gardner, within a recent book eligible Lost Secrets of the particular Sacred Ark, noted that will the oldest complete guide in the world — the Egyptian Book associated with the Dead, speaks associated with the pharaohs ingesting ‘the bread of presence, ‘ also called ‘schefa foods, ‘ while making the particular ritualistic journey to the particular afterlife. Each and every single stage, the pharaoh would certainly ask, “What is this? inch

This has already been compared to the Biblical account of Moses since well as the Israelites in the desert following a exodus from Egypt. In order to sustain themselves in the particular wilderness, Moses and their people ate a white-colored, powdery substance they known as ‘manna’. This manna has been ground into small bread or boiled. In Hebrew, manna literally means “What is it? inch

Gardner noted that it will be of particular significance that will, regardless of all this costly and extensive study in the area associated with these monatomic elements, the particular secrets of this mystical powder were known numerous thousands of years back. “They knew there were superconductors inherent in the human being body, ” Gardner published. “They knew that each the physical body plus the light body [the spirit or soul] had to become fed to improve hormonal manufacturing and the ultimate meals for the latter has been called shem-an-na by the particular Babylonians, mfkzt by the particular Egyptians and manna simply by the Israelites. inch

The particular story of the Exodus tells how Moses grew to become angered upon his come back from your mountain where this individual was given tablets simply by his God. It shows up in his absence the particular Israelites had taken many of the gold within their possession and got melted it down in order to make a calf which usually they then worshipped.

Exodus 32: 20 [New International] states, “And he [Moses] took the calf that will they had made plus burned it in the particular fire; then he surface it to powder, dispersed it on the drinking water and made the Israelites drink it. ” Considering that swallowing molten metal would certainly be lethal, obviously Moses, who had been properly educated in Egyptian clever knowledge, knew the key of creating the high-spin monatomic gold powder.

Verification that such was the particular case came in 1904 when British archeologist Friend William Flinders Petrie uncovered a large smelting service on Mount Horeb, situated in the southern finish of the Sinai Peninsula. Some scholars think that will Horeb is the real location of the hill of Moses mentioned within the Bible.

It got been on Horeb that will Petrie discovered an surrounded temple made up associated with adjoining halls, shrines plus chambers, all filled along with carvings, pillars and stelae depicting Egyptian nobility plus mentioning the mysterious mfkzt. Most surprisingly was the particular discovery of the metallurgist’s crucible along with the very long pure whitened powder cleverly concealed below some flagstone. Unconcerned along with the powder, Petrie permitted it to blow aside in the Sinai wind gusts.

Several engravings in this particular ancient temple depict numerous Egyptian rulers, among these types of Tuthmosis IV and Amenhotep III along with the particular god Hathor. During these types of carvings various persons are usually providing the king the conical loaf. Was this particular the legendary white natural powder referred to as mfkzt?

The solution appears to be indeed, as the figure providing the powder can become identified as an Egypt treasurer named Sobekhotep, somewhere else described as the guy who ‘brought the commendable Precious Stone to their majesty. ‘

This prospects to the connection along with Iraq. It is obvious to a lot of researchers and college students today that the Silk civilization, faraway from being the particular world’s first great lifestyle as once popularly thought, was in fact the mere remnant of the much older and intriguing culture — the Sumerians.

The world’s deepest techniques all can be tracked back to Sumer within Mesopotamia, the first recognized great civilization which has been located between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in the headwaters from the particular Persian Gulf. In biblical times, it was known as Chaldea or Shinar. These days, it really is identified as Iraq.

The Sumerian culture seemed to show up from nowhere more compared to 6, 000 years back and before it oddly vanished, it had significantly influenced life as considerably east as the Indus River, which flows through the Himalayas through Pakistan to the Arabian Ocean, and the Nile through the later Egyptian kingdoms.

Virtually nothing was identified in regards to the Sumerians until regarding 150 years ago whenever archeologists, spurred on simply by the writings of Italian language traveler Pietro della Valle in the early 1600s, began to dig straight into the strange mounds which usually dotted the countryside within southern Iraq. Beginning along with the discovery of Sargon II’s palace near modern-day Khorsabad by the Frenchman Paul Emile Botta within 1843, archeologists found smothered cities, broken palaces, artifacts and thousands of clay-based tablets detailing every aspect of Sumerian life. Simply by the late 1800s, Sumerian had been recognized because a pioneering language and has been being translated. Despite this knowledge, the public still offers been taught little regarding this first great human being civilization which suddenly materialized in Mesopotamia.

It is usually fascinating to realize that will it may be feasible to know more regarding this 6, 000-year-old world than we may actually know about the a lot more recent Egyptians, Greeks plus Romans. The reason is situated in the Sumerian cuneiform writing. Whereas the papyrus of other elder empires disintegrated over time or even was destroyed by the particular fires of war, cuneiform was etched onto moist clay tablets with the stylus creating a wedge-shaped script. These tablets had been then dried, baked plus kept in large your local library. About 500, 000 of the clay tablets have at this point been found and have got provided modern researchers along with invaluable understanding of the particular Sumerians.

The knowledge associated with Sumeria was brought in order to Egypt by the Biblical Patriarch Abraham by indicates of cleverly coded information found within the Torah as well as other old Hebraic text messages like the Sefer Yezirah (Book of Creation) plus the Sefer HaZohar (Book of Light).

These textbooks predate the Talmud, the compilation of older Judaism laws and traditions initial written in the fifth century A. D. plus were produced centuries earlier to the time associated with Jesus. According to the particular Book of Light, ‘mysteries of wisdom’ were provided to Adam by Lord while still in the particular fabled Garden of Eden. These elder secrets had been then passed on via Adam’s sons to Noah on to Abraham lengthy before the Hebrews been around as a distinct individuals. According to the Holy bible, Abraham was a Sumerian originating from Ur associated with Chaldea, the ancient phrase for Iraq.

Other Sumerians traveled frequently and broadly and are thought in order to have brought their sophisticated technology of ship creating and mapping to the particular early Phoenicians who completed along the eastern Mediterranean sea coast in what is certainly now Lebanon.

Their information of the heavens had been both amazing and perplexing. “The whole idea associated with spherical astronomy, including the particular 360-degree circle, the zenith, the horizon, the celestial axis, the poles, the particular ecliptic, the equinoxes, and so on., all arose suddenly within Sumer, ” noted writer Alan Alford. Sumerian information of the movements associated with the sun and celestial satellite resulted in the planet’s first calendar, used designed for centuries afterward by the particular Semites, Egyptians and Greeks.

Few people understand that will we owe not just our geometry but furthermore our modern time-keeping techniques to the Sumerian foundation 60 mathematical system. “The origin of 60 moments in an hour plus 60 seconds in the minute is just not arbitrary, yet designed in regards in order to sexagesimal (based on the particular number 60) system, inch Alford reported, adding that will the modern zodiac has been a Sumerian creation dependent on their 12 ‘gods’. They used it in order to chart a great precessional cycle — the department of the 360-degree see from the Earth’s Northern Pole during its 12-month orbit around the sunlight into 12 equal components — or houses — of 30 degrees every. Considering the slight move in Earth’s orbit, motion through this complete period takes 25, 920 yrs, a celebration known as the particular Platonian Year, named designed for the Greek scholar Plato who inspired future key societies such as the particular Knights Templars, Illuminati plus Cecil Rhodes’ Round Desks.

“The uncomfortable question which usually the scientists have prevented is this: how can the Sumerians, whose world only lasted 2, 1000 years, possibly have noticed and recorded a celestial cycle that took twenty five, 920 years to comprehensive? And why did their particular civilization begin in the particular middle of a zodiac period? Is this the clue that their astronomy was obviously a heritage from the gods? inch asked author Alford.

Their question could be bigger to ask how do the first primitive people of almost 6, 1000 years ago suddenly change from small packs associated with hunter-gatherers into a full-on — advanced even simply by today’s standards — world? Even the writers associated with The New Encyclopedia Britannica acknowledged that serious queries remain regarding the Sumerian histories and cautiously described that such queries “are posed from the perspective of 20th century world and are in component colored by ethical overtones, so that answers may only be relative. ”

Since we now possess thousands of translated Sumerian tablets along with their own inscribed cylinder seals, possibly we ought to permit the Sumerians themselves in order to describe.

The answer will be that they claimed every thing they achieved came through their ‘gods’.

“All the particular ancient peoples believed within gods who had originated to Earth from the particular heavens and who can at will soar heavenwards, ” explained Middle Far eastern scholar Zecharia Sitchin within the prologue to the particular first book of the series detailing his snel and interpretations of Sumerian accounts of the source and history. “But these types of tales were never provided credibility, having been top quality by scholars from the particular beginning as myths. inch

Recognizing that even the particular most learned researcher prior to the turn from the particular 20th century could not really possibly have begun in order to think with regards to concepts we all accept as commonplace nowadays, Sitchin reasoned, “Now that will astronauts have landed upon the Moon, and unmanned spacecraft explore other exoplanets, it is no lengthier impossible to believe that will a civilization on an additional planet more advanced compared to ours was capable associated with landing its astronauts upon the planet Earth a few time in the previous. ”

It really will be most significant that the particular Sumerians never referred in order to the beings who introduced them knowledge as ‘gods’. This was a later on interpretation by the Romans and Greeks, who designed their very own ‘gods’ after the earlier dental traditions.

The Sumerians known as them the Anunnaki or even Those Who Came in order to Earth from Heaven. This was the Anunnaki who else presented the early human beings with the knowledge associated with writing, farming, astrology plus even politics. They as well were most probably the original source of knowledge concerning the particular miraculous white powdered precious metal.

Since some authorities think that white powder precious metal can regenerate a persons GENETICS, it is theorized this might also provide the cure for diseases plus even old age alone. If this is genuine, the Biblical stories associated with Methuselah living nearly one, 000 years may not really be so far fetched as being a think.

Longevity, cures for HELPS and cancer, limitless free of charge energy, faster-than-light space vacation — no wonder specific persons would go in order to any lengths to get, or conceal, such information. As detailed in John Marrs’ ‘underground bestseller’ Guideline by Secrecy, the Usa States has long already been governed by men linked to secret societies this kind of as the Council upon Foreign Relations, The Dreiseitig Commission, the Bilderbergers, the particular Illuminati and the Freemasons. All of these organizations can be traced back again to even earlier communities, all having a particular attention in alchemy as nicely as the occult.

This may well have already been this interest and understanding that prompted certain Oughout. S. leaders with key society connections to wish sending troops into Iraq in 2003.

This wish might have been increased after ABC News documented nearly 400 ancient Sumerian artifacts were present within Iraq in 1999 within the southern Iraqi city of Basmyiah, about one hundred miles south of Baghdad. The Iraqi New Company said the objects ranged from animal and human-shaped ‘toys’ to cuneiform pills and even ‘ancient weapons’. At least one canister seal depicted a high person considered to symbolize the ancient King Gilgamesh. The antiquities were out dated to about 2500 N. C., said excavation group leader Riyadh al-Douri.

Archeologists made the discoveries within late 1999 and mentioned the artifacts would end up being delivered to the Iraqi Museum in Baghdad, which usually had been closed in order to the public since the particular Gulf War. Reportedly, various other astonishing finds were getting made during this period by both German plus French archaeological team provided permission to excavate simply by Saddam Hussein. It could be really worth noting that Germany plus France were the 2 countries most opposed to the particular U. S. invasion within 2003.

McGuire Gibson, with all the Oriental Institute of the particular University of Chicago, acquired previously lamented the reduction of ancient artifacts plus writings because of the particular 1991Gulf War and following embargo of Iraq.

“The aftermath of the battle witnessed the looting plus sometimes the burning upward of nine regional museums as well as the particular loss of more compared to 3, 000 artifacts, just a few of which usually are recovered, ” stated Gibson. “The loss associated with the objects, although severe, was not as harmful as the change the attacks on the museums may have on the particular future relationship of museums to the people associated with Iraq. It is not likely there will ever once again be an attempt from public education about archeology on the scale which usually was represented by individuals regional museums. ” This individual added that almost most archeological research in Iraq came to a stop because of the battle and embargo.

In inclusion to the destruction associated with historical artifacts, such because the American bombs that will struck the giant ziggurat at Ur and the particular losses due to building by U. S. soldiers at Tell al-Lahm, financial conditions caused by the particular American embargo has triggered a rise in the unlawful trading of Iraqi artifacts.

It is most interesting to some researchers in order to understand that Iraq, the majority of probably the cradle associated with human civilization if not really the starting point for any humans, is today virtually the only place upon the planet which the free of charge people of America can not visit.

Protest marches had been reported in virtually every main American city and also a election conducted for the Nyc Times and CNN from the begining of the year 2003 showed half of individuals queried were uneasy on the prospect of war along with Iraq.

non-e of this particular appeared to sway Leader George W. Bush exactly who pronounced, “f the EL won’t act, if Saddam won’t disarm, we can lead a coalition in order to disarm him. inch

Upon March 20, 2003, Rose bush made good on these types of words by launching Oughout. S. forces across Iraqi’s borders.

Unlike previous army campaigns where armies taken key cities, then combined their forces before relocating on to the following objective, US forces produced a bee line to get Baghdad, bypassing most associated with the country.

Once the particular capital was in United states hands by late 04 2003, a minimum associated with 50, 000 priceless artifacts and tablets were obtained from the Iraqi National Art gallery in Baghdad by looters. Evidence indicated that the few of these looters were highly organized along with an agenda of their own own.

Despite prior efforts to alert American army officers from the risk of losing artifacts internet dating back 7, 000 many years, American authorities failed in order to avoid the wholesale looting of humankind’s most historic treasures.

“It was the impression which the Department associated with Defense had made procedures for the safeguarding associated with monuments and museums, inch lamented Maxwell Anderson, leader of the Association associated with Art Museum Directors. Anderson was among a team that in January the year 2003 alerted Pentagon and Condition Department officials to the particular importance of these antiquities.

Furthermore, according to a good Associated Press report, the particular thieves had keys toward the museum and the vaults. Gibson said exactly what appeared to be accidental looting actually was the carefully planned theft. “It looks as if component of the theft had been obviously a very, quite deliberate, planned action, inch he said. “They had been able to obtain secrets from somewhere for the particular vaults and were capable to take out the particular important, the very greatest material. Excellent suspicion this was organized away from nation. In fact, I’m assured it was. ”

“I believe they were individuals who knew the real wanted, ” noted Physician Dony George, head through the Baghdad National Art gallery. “They had passed simply by the gypsum copy associated with the Black Obelisk. This particular means that they should have been specialists. These people did not touch the particular copies. ”

“Glass blades not available in Iraq were found in the particular museum along with a huge bronze bust weighing hundreds associated with pounds… would have needed a fork lift to get rid of it indicate that well-organized professional cultural thieves had been mixed in with the particular mob, ” noted Captain christopher Bollyn of the United states Free Press.

The truth that some display instances were empty without getting broken indicated that several of the precious components may have been used out prior to the particular arrival of the looters.

“It was almost since if the perpetrators had been waiting for Baghdad in order to fall to make their particular move, ” commented the writer for BusinessWeek. Many this was confirmed simply by Col. Matthew Bogdanos within early 2004. Col. Bogdanos headed an investigation associated with the looting as mouthpiece director for your Joint Interagency Coordination Group originally designated to seek out weaponry of mass destruction within Iraq. After gaining authorization from General Tommy Franks, the group probed the particular museum looting.

In a good interview published in the particular January/February issue of Archeology, Col. Bogdanos was questioned what is still lacking from the Iraqi Nationwide Museum. He replied, “You possess the public photo gallery from which originally forty exhibits were taken. We have recovered 11. Looking at the particular storage rooms, there have been regarding 3, 150 pieces used from those, and which most likely by arbitrary and indiscriminant looters. Associated with those, we’ve recovered two, 700. So there’s regarding 400 of these items, excavated pieces, missing. in .

“The final group is usually from the basement. The particular basement is what coming from been calling the internal job. And I will certainly say it forever such as a mantra: it can be inconceivable to me the fact that basement was breached since well as the products stolen without an close insider’s knowledge of the particular museum. From there regarding 10, 000 pieces had been taken. We’ve only retrieved 650, approximately. ”

Whenever the looting began upon April 17, 2003, one particular Iraqi archaeologist summoned Oughout. S. troops to shield the particular national museum. Five Marine corps accompanied the man in the direction of the museum and chased out some looters simply by firing shots over their own heads. However, after regarding half an hour, the particular soldiers were ordered in order to withdraw and the looters soon returned.

“Not due to the fact the Taliban embarked upon their orgy of damage against the Buddhas associated with Bamiyan and the statutes in the museum associated with Kabul – perhaps not really since World War II – have a great deal of archaeological treasures already been wantonly and systematically broke to pieces, ” documented British newsman Robert Fisk, who toured the art gallery soon after the event.

The preventable looting motivated three members of the particular White House Cultural Home Advisory Committee to step down, disgusted that the notified American military had do not protect the Mesopotamian treasures. “This tragedy has been not prevented, due in order to our nation’s inaction, inch wrote committee chairman Matn E. Sullivan in the particular resignation letter.

It offers been widely reported that will Saddam Hussein believed themselves to be the reincarnation of the King Nebuchadnezzar, who performed wondrous accomplishments in construction such because the Hanging Gardens associated with Babylon, in an try to speak with ancient Mesopotamian gods in the heavens. Can the rush to battle with Iraq have some thing to do with attaining control of recently-discovered information, and perhaps even technologies, which might undo contemporary monopolies in religion plus science?

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