Information You Should Know within Growing an Azalea Bonsai tree

Do you want in order to grow and own the miniature tree? Azalea bonsai tree ought to be on top associated with your list. Azalea bonsai tree is a very wonderful miniature tree. It creates flowers that have 5 lobes, and they blossom during the late component of spring season. The particular flowers have brilliant shades, and will surely fulfill your eyes.


Azalea bonsai should get vivid sunlight, and that can be best acquired during early morning because morning sunlight can be not that intense pertaining to them. You should discover to it that your own azalea bonsai is utilized in a shaded location during midday and mid-day. Sunlight during midday plus afternoon is not great for them since this can cause burning associated with its leaves. During summer season season, you must furthermore protect your azalea bonsai tree since the sun lights strongly only at that period associated with the year.


An excellent soil mixture should end up being able to hold sufficient moisture and drain additional amounts of water because will provide the necessary water for your small tree. It is suggested that you simply use a dirt that is made upward of 60 percent inorganic material and 40 % organic material. Inorganic components which you can make use of for your bonsai consist of gravel, Turface, sharp fine sand, scoria, perlite, Terra eco-friendly, and decomposed granite. Natural materials that you may include in the dirt mixture are fir start barking, oak leaf mold, rough peat moss, and this tree bark. You can buy a good soil blend from garden centers plus nurseries. But you may also make your very own soil mixture based through the recommended soil parts.

Bonsai Pot

Azalea bonsai tree should be planted inside a container for miniature woods that has drainage openings underneath. This will help draining from excess drinking water inside the pot that will the soil cannot keep. Another reason is that will this can also avoid water congestion because as well much water can block your miniature tree. Too much water can further lead in order to root rotting and will be commonly manifested by deterioration of your azalea bonsai tree.


You have in order to give just enough drinking water for your azalea bonsai tree. You don’t have in order to give a lot of or as well less water because each of them are poor for your growing smaller tree. Too much drinking water will lead to underlying rotting, and too much less water can result within dehydration. You must examine the soil on the regular basis because the dry soil will become your sign if you want to drinking water your little tree.


Fertilizer will assist the particular growth and development associated with your azalea bonsai. A person should use a fertilizer which is made upward of good quality components. A fertilizer that will be composed of equal components of nitrogen, phosphorus, plus potassium should be used throughout the springtime. Use the fertilizer every 2 weeks until the plants have sprouted. After the particular flowering is over, a person should apply the fertilizer once a month.

Repotting and Root Pruning

A person should repot your azalea bonsai following the blooming is over, or as soon as the roots have packed the whole pot. Whenever you do pruning, create sure that you obtain it done carefully due to the fact this may damage the particular roots. However, azalea bonsai tree respond well to difficult pruning, but you ought to prune much harder in the end and edges, and carefully untangle the particular roots situated on the particular top portion.


  1. Laura Strack

    Oh my goodness, the poppy pods are so pretty. They have a lovely Asian
    architecture about them. The dried pods on their stems, would look gorgeous
    in a vase tied with a natural or organic ribbon, such as 1/2 inch burlap,
    or something similar. Thanks for sharing, Vivian!

  2. Linda Knox

    I also love the looks of seed heads of many flowers/herbs and have saved
    seeds from them before. I usually put them in paper envelopes and they seem
    to stay well. Thanks for showing your progress and I love the flower
    pictures you post.

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    Collecting seeds from the late spring garden. Some words as well on the
    blog today!


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