How To Plant Seeds in Garden for High Germination


  1. Backyardhomesteader

    Just a couple questions. You keep referring to your bed as soil, but you
    have no soil. You have sawdust & sand. And if you had real soil wouldn’t
    that give you most of the nutrients you need. I use moo poo & leaves and
    thats it. My beds are rich and dark and full of worms. I have grown
    Kentucky Wonder some 30 years and they are a must in my garden each year. I
    haven’t bought seeds for over 20 years.

  2. Flora Turner

    David, I was thinking that you might be able (next time) to leave the
    bottom strings tied and just undo the wire and perhaps have another place
    you could tie it up out of the way(perhaps on the top wire). Then after
    planting, you would not have to tie them again, just reattach the wire. 

  3. Hvysteel

    I really like the idea of your 6" and 7" wood marker, I will have to make
    one of those.


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