Frighten Away Squirrels With Organic Squirrel Repellents

Mechanical Obstacles

Custom made traps are usually a good, humane squirrel repellent. They may be a nontoxic way of encasing plus ridding squirrels from attics or outside areas this kind of as gardens or trees and shrubs. The live traps utilized as squirrel repellants can be hung from trees and shrubs or placed in locations where squirrels inhabit. Location peanut butter or breads inside the trap in order to lure the squirrel to the trap. Once the squirrel enters the trap, this will close encasing the particular squirrel without harming this. The animal may after that be transported to the different area away through your home.

Organic Squirrel Repellents

Organic methods associated with squirrel repellent are the particular use of hot crimson peppers, chili peppers, or even cayenne spice. Other spices or herbs such as black spice up or lemon juice may be spread in locations to deter squirrels. Putting these spicy ingredients upon bird feeders or areas where squirrels frequent can keep them away. The particular hot spices when consumed by squirrels will maintain them from returning.
In the event that squirrels are bothering your own flowers or vegetables, think about another organic method associated with squirrel repellent. Using pee from natural predators associated with squirrels will offer warning to get them to stay aside. Using urine from the fox, bobcat, or coyote will keep squirrels through eating your vegetation. The particular urine is condensed directly into small pellets that may be distribute around the garden or even trees to rid the particular part of unwanted squirrels.

Additional ways of keeping squirrels away is wired secure fencing around your gardens. Addressing your gardens with appropriate wire fencing will maintain squirrels away along along with other pesky animals. Cable meshing is also the safe and humane method to keep animals aside without any kind associated with traps or organic materials.

Poison Squirrel Repellents

A single thing to consider whenever deciding on squirrel repellents would be to never ever use any types associated with poisons. Exposing poison in order to natural wildlife habitats is definitely illegal in some areas. Other animals such because hawks or predators may feed on the toxic as well, and this could be a harmful way to kill organic wildlife while trying in order to rid your area associated with squirrels. Additionally, your domestic pets or children can become exposed to open toxic which can be deadly to them too.
Squirrel repellents can be a good effective way to free squirrels from the garden, house, or tree areas. Create sure to keep any kind of methods of elimination secure towards the wildlife plus environment surrounding the area. Most solutions for squirrel repellents are safe to get children and pets specifically designed traps. The essential thing to keep in mind when attempting to get rid associated with squirrels is to stay patient. With patience, your own efforts will finally earn over these pesky animals.


  1. KC Heirlooms & Organics

    You mind if I use your brussels sprout picture for the website?

  2. Adam Cooper

    cool thanks for the tip. looking to see it all turns out

  3. 50 Ducks In A Hot Tub

    Angela I’ve had no luck the last 2 years compared to my first try 3 years
    ago, but the last 2 seasons I’ve been trying to grow I think from a bad
    batch off seeds, I’ve just ordered 2 different strains for next year,
    sooner or later I’m going to master this

  4. Angela Pierce

    WONDERFUL information!!! Thank you! I tried growing Brussel Sprouts last
    season and nothing….Now I have a better understanding and will try again
    this coming Spring.

  5. 50 Ducks In A Hot Tub

    Or just bake them at 350°F for 35-45 minutes, if they’ve been hit with a
    couple of frosts then they have a caramel type sweet sauce, the more frost
    the sweeter they get

  6. roofrat631

    O yah. Add butter when u saute with the steamed brussels, soy, garlic,
    brown sugar. Thanks again for sharing

  7. 50 Ducks In A Hot Tub

    What ever you do, don’t transplant them it’s too late now their root system
    is huge, you are better off thinning them out at this point, cut them off
    don’t pull them out as you’ll screw the one up next to it. One plant
    produces a ton of sprouts if done right, I had some once that had over 7lbs
    of sprouts on one plant after I cleaned it. Lots of water, lack of water
    causes no sprout development or very bitter

  8. stephen mcgregor

    oh sweet jez,im going to have to remove them and maybe plant in
    pots,hahahahahhahahaa wot was i thnking

  9. 50 Ducks In A Hot Tub

    I’ve been cutting back mine about every 8 days, leave 4-5 rows at the top
    so the plant can get enough energy from the sun to continue growing, it
    takes about 2-3 weeks for the sprouts to start showing, they are a slow
    plant about 180 day start to finish, and as you have found out big. They
    actually need to be at least 2 feet apart from each other minimum, in rows
    4 feet apart, by the end of the season they are about 30" – 36" tall. Frost
    makes them sweeter

  10. stephen mcgregor

    can i keep cutting the big leaves back as i aint got the room,i planted
    them in a raised planter,i didnt no they would grow so big,only a novice

  11. 50 Ducks In A Hot Tub

    My friend my climate is much farther north than you, I don’t know what your
    temperatures are like or is it possible to grow year round where you are? I
    suggest stopping in at a local nursery or garden store and ask some
    questions from the locals to get an idea and then hit YT again looking for
    tricks and ideas once you know the kinds of veggies that will grow the best
    in your area.

  12. Dargoodson

    I live in North Carolina, what types of veggies should I attempt to grow?

  13. 50 Ducks In A Hot Tub

    We’ll see this fall how they turn out now that I’m doing it right

  14. StatenIslandSlim

    Great brussels sprouts!

  15. 50 Ducks In A Hot Tub

    It’s actually not a tip but how it’s actually done, if you Google search
    images for Brussels Sprouts you will see photos of fields of them done,
    they look like a Palm tree crossed with a Christmas tree

  16. The Productive Garden

    Great tip there. I will have to give that a go with mine. Thanks for

  17. 50 Ducks In A Hot Tub

    Terry, actually you are suppose to let the frost hit them many times, the
    more frost hits the sweeter they get. The first year I didn’t do this and
    got some sprouts, last year I found out about this process in late Aug or
    early Sept so they didn’t develop like they should of. This year I should
    get a whole bunch since I’m doing it early, they should be done around mid
    to end of Oct, they need the cool weather to grow right. They should really
    look like Palm Trees when you’re done in the fall

  18. 50 Ducks In A Hot Tub

    No actually, once the Cauliflower is ready for the elastic bands I’ll do a
    video on it, you need to stop the sun from hitting the head or they grow
    and turn black

  19. horlacsd

    should you do this with cauliflowers as well

  20. MrTerrym1964

    Great channel. I live just east of Toronto and I have tried growing sprouts
    twice doing exactly what you are doing. Both times it failed. Not sure if
    it was the variety I planted or what but they never developed before the
    frost hit.. Anxious to see if it works for you..Take care. Terry


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