Ayurveda Solutions For Stress Comfort

A great number of are hoping in order to find stress relief plus also to balance their particular emotions. Ayurveda, the historic Indian medical system, clarifies that all life are usually made of three characteristics or gunas that impact your body and the particular mind: sattva, tamas plus rajas. The qualities associated with sattva are creative plus harmonious, rajas has obtained the qualities of motion and activity, and tamas is inert, slow, fatigued and dull.

All 3 can be found within everyone but they arrive in different amounts. When rajas and tamas are usually present in excessive quantities, they can create disruption in the mind, enhance tension and stress plus lead to physical exhaustion. The best stress relief technique is to increase the particular quantity of sattva within the body. All organic remedies are very useful in increasing sattva.

3 components impact the quantity of sattva in the particular body as well since the mind: your way of living, your diet and every thing natural remedies. These aspects can determine which associated with the three gunas rules in you. Being cautious about what you eat is one of the particular ways to increase the particular quantity of sattva. Food items can have sattvic characteristics that lead to tranquility, tamasic qualities that produce dullness, and rajasic characteristics that agitate the thoughts.


Within the world tamas is a high quality that destroys the aged to ensure that sattva can create the brand new. In your body plus in the mind tamas is useful in finishing the actions which had been started by sattva or even rajas. Some tamas will be essential for everyone due to the fact it influences relaxation plus sleep. Too much tamas can make the thoughts dull and lead in order to depression. It can furthermore associated with body sluggish and lethargic.

Those that are dominated by tamas often end up residing in self-indulgence. Their life can be self-destructive. Medication addictions and excessive alcoholic beverages consumption can be indicators of a lot of tamas.

Whenever the mind which will be influenced by tamas gets increasingly dull and stressed out, the person ends upward caring even less regarding their self-destructive habits plus their own health. The tamasic person struggles in order to tell what is great for him and exactly what is bad. This type of a person will be also not able in order to find stress relief or even to balance his / her personal emotions.

Tamasic food does not have prana (life force). Tamasic foods include leftovers, oily and deep-fried as nicely as excessive amounts associated with meat, hard cheese, ovum or seafood. Alcohol plus drugs are tamasic within quality however they may influence rajas too. Great ways for a tamasic person to find tension relief, to balance feelings and to get free of excess tamas consist of dynamic but gentle workout, fresh air, eating a lot more foods that have sattvic qualities and making sattvic choices.


Sattva offers got the qualities associated with clarity, energy, life plus creativity, truth, harmony, serenity and love. Sattvic individuals are usually strong within their spiritual path without having turning into fanaticism. People dominated by sattva are usually happy, humble and articles, plus they are seldom angry. Their minds are usually alert and focused. They will are usually creative, uplifting, curious and corteous. Sattvic people intuitively know exactly what is good for all of them.

Sattva is the many desirable of all associated with the three gunas. Sattva helps a person in order to develop a skill completely actions, to think obviously and also to follow by natural laws. Your own brain that is completely outclassed by sattva is solid, intelligent and gentle.

Sattvic foods are simple meant for the digestion. They are usually light and full associated with life energy (prana). Meals that are predominantly sattvic include organic and gently cooked vegetables, ripe fresh fruit, clarified butter (ghee) within small amounts, raw sweetie, ginger, fennel, cardamom, seed products and nuts. Milk can be sattvic if it arrives from a cow that will lives in a organic and peaceful environment.

Selecting sattvic foods and sattvic activities help to enhance sattva. Yoga, tai chihuahua, chi gung, pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation are usually all sattvic. Avoiding stressed-out people or situations that will cause stress help in order to build-up sattva.


Rajas will be the guna of motion and activity. Rajas can be necessary in small quantities because it helps in order to get things done. Whenever present in excessive quantities this guna leads in order to restlessness and hyperactivity. The rajasic mind cannot discover rest or clarity plus too much rajas outcomes in fear, anxiety plus agitation. Stress relief can be impossible if you have too a lot rajas.

Rajas could also make a fiercely competitive nature, aggression, jealousy and unwanted pride. Those who have got an excessive amount associated with rajas in their entire body and mind are those who put a high worth on material wealth, strength, success and business. They will may be fanatical plus they may try in order to push their beliefs upon others.

Foods with rajasic qualities include junk foods, processed as well since foods that are exceedingly sour, spicy, sweet or even pungent. These foods may upset and irritate the particular digestion, create disturbance within the mind System. Sketching. Bitmap the body angry.

Avoiding a lot associated with rajasic foods is a single way to balance the particular amount of rajas within your body. Disturbing circumstances and people may furthermore greatly increase rajas.


Many all natural remedies may increase sattva. Amrit Kalash Ambrosia promotes mental perform, stimulates immunity, promotes the much better digestion plus helps to find in order to reduce anxiety. Blissful Pleasure prevents anger, tension plus frustration and cultivates organic stress resistance.

The characteristics of a sattvic brain are clarity, calmness plus peace. A sattvic individual is in balance collectively with his or the girl environment. Everybody should consider to increase sattva inside their lifestyle, in their own environment and their diet plan.


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