Aromatherapy for Emotional Security

Self-improvement is about finding stability and happiness in the daily lives. The many important area in which usually we are able in order to achieve balance is within our personal emotional security. Right after all, we cannot discover true balance in interactions, our work place, plus even spiritually until we all achieve self-acceptance, self-control, knowing and compassion. And whilst a lot of all of us believe we have the balanced sense of personal, our insecurities often slip silently into our living, leaving uncertainty and feel dissapointed in its wake.
Psychological security is a refined yet profound issue mainly because without it you may develop unhealthy behaviors plus attitudes, like codependency, manage, neediness, demand, low self-pride and much more. This can also affect particular parts of our lives, which includes our relationship and profession success.
Being emotionally protected leads to a correct life in general mainly because there are no harmful attachments, you are protected to be alone or even together with others plus you do not need validation from others. You might be more willing to get risks because you possess the confidence you have to accomplish success in every element of your daily existence.
There are ways in order to overcome insecurity. Engage your own friends and loved types in communication about your own feelings and exactly exactly how they can help a person to feel more in ease. Working with the coach or therapist might help find the root associated with your insecurities. Numerous self-help books are available in order to assist those who battle with insecurities and lower self-esteem. It is furthermore essential to indulge in growing therapies like massage plus aromatherapy. Not only “guilty pleasures, ” these sorts of therapies are a good important method to show your self worth.
These aromatherapy blends will provide you support during your own drive to overcome your own insecurities. These blends will certainly help you gain the profound sense of internal peace and healthy detachment, enabling you to really feel secure by eliminating any kind of unhealthy needs you might have for validation plus attention.
Prepare each associated with these blends by flowing the essential oils in to a 10ml bottle, plus then adding organic veggie oil to fill. We recommend sweet almond, jojoba or safflower vegetable natural oils.
Inner Peace and Balance
This mix will help you in order to gain more insight regarding your needs and desires, and achieve the stability you have to become more self-accepting.
-7 drops Sandalwood
-3 drops Kranewitt
-3 falls Cypress
-3 drops Cedarwood
Massage the solar plexus and third eye. Put one-third from the mix into your warm shower water and soak regarding at least 15 moments. Pour several drops in to the palm of the particular hands and inhale seriously as needed throughout the particular day.
Emotional Protection
This blends assists you become healthily unattached from negative feelings such as neediness, codependence and low self-esteem, and become emotionally impartial and self-sufficient.
-5 falls Sandalwood
-4 drops Saint John’s Wort
-2 falls Rose otto
Massage the particular solar plexus, heart chakra and third eye. Put one-third of the mix into the warm shower water and soak regarding at least a quarter-hour. Pour a few falls in to the palm of your own hands and inhale seriously as needed throughout the particular day.
In Good Wellness,
Francoise Rapp
(c) Francoise Rapp, 2002. Find out the life-transforming power associated with aromatherapy! Internationally renowned aromatherapist and alchemist, Francoise Rapp, shares her expertise by means of aromatherapy classes designed designed for working adults and the girl free weekly ezine, The particular Arom’Alchemy Newsletter. All associated with this and more may be found at


  1. mike spence

    He seems to have a serious misunderstanding of what fertilizer is.

  2. Allotmental

    I always throw leaves from a tree in my garden straight onto the beds and
    half dig in not keep them in bags for a year or so! Leaves break down over
    the winter.
    Food scraps added as well of course!

  3. Ginny Ward

    This has been, by far, the most informative and most helpful video for
    fertilizing and improving soil nutrient quality- Many thumbs up =) ! 

  4. PaperWeaponry

    Yeah, chemicals fertilizers just make my skin shiver.

  5. anthony marasco

    ants ,ants ants…all in my composter..i was so bummed i was in it about 4
    or 5 weeks and was looking good till i looked in 1 day… i had to dump it
    in the green trash….what can i do so this wont happen again ..all that
    time lost ..ty tony

  6. Joe Feser

    John, is your biochar already charged?

  7. Mary's Test Kitchen

    So jealous of your warm weather! 

  8. heavymechanic2

    Great Job on this video! There are too many people who only want to go the
    cheapest way with chemical fertilizer and believe that natural products are
    counterproductive, the opposite is true in the long run. I use manures and
    other organic amendments and on the 3rd year it becomes more productive.
    Making my own worm castings now, its a great way to turn trash into a
    useful fertilizer… I think your property is awesome!

  9. happybuddyperson

    I get free compost from a local mushroom factory. They dump it in a small
    parking lot and let people have at it. The pile gets refilled every week
    all year. There are even people who take truck loads of it and sell it and
    earn a profit!

  10. FrostPlutarc

    I’m lucky that our city gives away the compost. We get up at 5 am and wait
    outside the gate till they open. Otherwise, it will be gone within 2 to 3
    hours once the gates open at 8am. This will be my second year using it. I
    found about it thanks your tip from past video, I sincerely thank you John.

  11. Atowwwwwn
  12. Atowwwwwn
  13. David D

    thanks John…do you worry about chemicals found in lawn waste
    compost?…or does high temperature composting get rid of the toxins?

    thanks again Dave

  14. Praxxus55712

    Woohooo I just KNEW it would be compost! **high five**

    Very cool. :)

  15. Brandon Marshall

    You need a Truck LOL I don’t have a high quality compost company locally.
    Guess we all need to move to California so we can get all this "stuff" I
    believe in a soil test, then you will know exactly want you need or have
    too much of. I’ve had a bad experience with compost; if not broken down
    enough and a high quality it will suck all the nitrogen from your soil or
    your plants cannot take up the nitrogen. Think we’ll all go broke buy all
    those "soil builders" But nice idea.

  16. Love2boat92

    I love watching your videos john!

  17. Mark Gardiner

    An even easier way to build your soil is to simply roughly chop up your
    garden waste, both greens and browns, leaves, vegetable scraps, twigs etc
    and lay them on the soil where you grow your plants. It`s permaculture. The
    garden waste therefore decomposes straight into the soil which increases
    the worm population. Also, if you do that the decomposing waste puts a
    layer on top of your soil which stops the soil from drying out meaning that
    you use about a third less water to keep your plants growing. I`ve been
    doing this for years and my soil is amazing because of it. Beats having to
    fetch and carry all those different bags of soil builders.

  18. Charm City Balcony Garden

    That’s a lot of work to carry all the compost home. What great exercise!

  19. qwer ty

    Chelated synthetic nutrients kill off your beneficial bacterias, protozoa,
    fungis etc. by using them, you kill off the real workhorses of an organic
    soil and turn your plants into drug addicts, with the drugs being chemical
    fertilizers/pesticides since the plants also lose their ability to fight
    off infection/pests. keep it healthy, keep it alive!

  20. Don Francis

    Thanks for the video. It’s funny that you write "John shares with you why
    he never adds fertilizer to his vegetable garden" then you show how you and
    add 2 types of fertilizer, bat guano and a plant based fertilizer to your
    top dressing prior to adding the compost.

  21. Joe Feser

    What about organincs? I use a 5-3-4 that does not come from animal sources.
    Without it, I am having issues with the garden. I think the leaf compost
    that I acquired is not funny broken down and it is stealing nitrogen.

  22. Joe Feser

    Thanks for the video John. First

  23. Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens

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