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  1. Melody Bonet

    i wish i knew about the give away along time ago :(

  2. Michael Smith

    I need seeds aswell I’m planning a large garden this year for me and the

  3. Ro M

    I wish I could have gone to the Heirloom Expo! I live far away. Maybe next
    year. I need to find a place to garden this year. No place yet. But I got
    to have my garden :)

  4. Slightquills

    Hey John, between getting a new job and such I haven’t been digging into my
    e-mail until recently. I’ll get my envelopes out as quickly as I can.
    Thanks for all the amazing videos.

  5. prairepup

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I got my seeds today! I am so excited I can not wait to grow them. I was
    wishing I grew them this last year but never bought them… Next year
    because of you I will have them. Thanks again :D

  6. lili white

    hi john, enjoy all your vids, thanks, look forward to my vegetable seeds
    from you,can’t wait

  7. katbird158

    Yeah!! just an fyi, Shanghai boy choi grows really well right now in South
    Florida. I’ve recently (through John’s influence, of course) gotten all my
    seeds at Baker’s Creek, they really are doing us a service in maintaining

  8. Barbara Evins

    Yes! i’m a Winner, Envelopes in the Mail. Thanks John.

  9. LT Cartwright

    Yea!!! I won! LOL
    Sorry about your injury, hope you get better REALLY soon!

  10. orianbaby484

    Thanks can"t wait for my seeds,HOORAY!

  11. TheIrisheaglesOne

    Thank you so very much, John, for choosing me to be one of the winners.
    Ive put my envelopes and choices in the mail tonight to be picked up
    Monday! So very excited to be able to win Baker Creek seeds and Im going
    over there to order a few more! WHOO HOOO! 

  12. NWHomesteader

    Whoo Hoo! I got my top 3 picked out. Thank you John!!!!!!! 🙂 

  13. pitdog62

    SNAP! I got an email from you today saying I am one of the winners of the
    seed give away!! Before the day was done I completed the required tasks.
    Now I wait. Just want to say THANK YOU!!!!! Next season I will have a
    pretty cool story of how I attained a certain plant that my friends and
    family are enjoying the fruit of. 

  14. kim siflinger

    thanks can’t wait for my seeds

  15. muffnman707

    wow john thank you, thank you

  16. Evolve Aquaponics

    John from growingyourgreens.com is doing a Heirloom seed give away, check
    his youtube channel out for great organic gardening techniques! #aquaponics

  17. Hoda Gibreel Osman

    I am sorry John, please take care as the body can move well and we can work
    well if no pain or broken parts of the body.

  18. Ctestname

    Someone clarify for me – Should the envelope be mailed as soon as I sign
    up, or later when the directions are sent? I got an email but only a
    confirmation that I signed up.

  19. vale comer

    post a video of making your recipe with the cilantro…and how you sprout
    buckwheat?…very interested to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. uscjustin

    I joined the email list to claim my free seed packet but I don’t think it
    worked. It didn’t even ask for my address. Where is the free seed packet?

  21. Wendy Allred

    My sister helped me build raised beds last winter and this was a fun season
    of growing and learning.

  22. uscjustin

    I subscribed to the email list but didn’t see a section to claim the free
    seeds or enter my physical address.

  23. sn232

    Thanks John, Looking forward to your email with address. Have to laugh…I
    had a 2nd window open typing out what all you were offering then checking
    out rareseeds 🙂 Also laughed at you liking long skinny eggplant just the
    way like your girls LOL!

  24. troy thompson

    Love this guys Channel 


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